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Here at loans to your door our aim is simple – to explain the different choices of doorstep loans and make it as easy as possible for you to find the loan you’re looking for … often without the need to leave your front door!

These days there are so many different kinds of loans neatly packaged up in fancy names but at Loans To Your Door we strip away the packaging and explain what they are and how they work. We also advertise a number of top quality loans from reputable lenders you can trust who provide a reliable, UK wide service.

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Whatever your needs, be it £50 or £100,000, short term or long, good credit or bad there may be solutions out there that are right for you … loans such as – doorstep loans, instant loans, payday loans, instalment loans, unsecured loans … all here and the basics all explained.

All content on this site is for informational purposes only and should not be used as financial advice. Always consult with a financial specialist if you need financial advice relating to doorstep loans or about any other type of loan or form of lending.

Door To Door Loans – Understand The Basics

Home credit doorstep loans are very different to other, more traditional, types of loans. They’re designed to provide a flexible, affordable option specifically targeted at those with lower income levels or previous credit problems and hence those who maybe finding it difficult to obtain credit from any high street lender.

Home Credit – Personal Service

In these days of electronic communications, computerised processes and automated responses it’s refreshing to find finance with a personal touch – a lending service where you deal face to face with a real person, a person who will come to you, a person who understands … well, that’s exactly what you get with a home credit, doorstep loan. Sure, the initial application may be online but then everything happens face to face and in the comfort of your own home.

Apply online and you’ll normally get an instant, in principle decision after which you’ll be contacted by a local agent who will arrange to visit you in your own home to discuss all aspects of your loan, make sure you fully understand every part of it and to make sure you can afford it – if all is OK then you’ll sign the agreement and your loan will be delivered a few days later by the same agent. The personal service doesn’t end there because your agent will then call every week to collect the repayments until the loan has been paid off.


Doorstep Loans

The doorstep loans themselves are usually just small cash loans of a few hundred pounds and up to a thousand or so in some cases. They are available for any purpose, there’s no restriction on what the money can be used for at all. Repayments can be over a term to suit the borrower but typically up to a maximum of 52 weeks. Interest rates may be high but the cost will be transparent, clear and will not be subject to any hidden costs or nasty surprises.

Because the value of the loan is low and the repayments are made weekly and collected from the doorstep it means that doorstep loans are affordable and low risk to the lender. This means that they can provide a lending option to a wide range of individuals including homeowners, tenants, those working full time, part time, retired or on benefits. Bad credit may not present a problem either as the applicant will be judged on their ability to repay now and in the future and will not be judged on anything that may or may not have happened in the past.

That’s what makes these home credit doorstep loans so popular – flexible, transparent, low risk loans, a personal door to door loans service and available to a vast range of people. No fuss, no hassle and no complicated forms – just simple, affordable credit with a personal touch – loans the way they used to be.

Other Types Of Loans:


£100Instant Loans To Your Door – Borrow FAST

If you need a loan delivered to your door FAST then there are lenders out there who specialise in cash loans which are available in just minutes, hours or same day. There are a number of options available which tend to be for relatively small loans and designed for the short term only.

A less than perfect credit history need not prevent you obtaining such a loan in many cases. Instant Loans:



£500 Doorstep Loans – Cash Loans To Your Door

Also known as door to door loans or home collected credit, doorstep loans are unsecured short term cash loans that are delivered to your door by a local agent who also collects the fixed, affordable repayments each week. A flexible lending criteria makes these loans popular – part time employment and bad credit OK.

Typically you’ll be able to borrow between £50 and £500 or so from a variety of national and local doorstep lenders. Doorstep Loans:



£1,000 Payday Loans To Your Door – Borrow FAST

Payday Loans provide FAST, short term, solutions – often even if an individual has been denied a loan from the bank or has a low credit score, they may still be approved for a payday loan. The application is online and cash deposited directly into a bank account very quickly – often the same day and sometimes in just a few hours.

Payday loans makes it convenient for consumers to get the cash they need (perhaps too convenient!!!) when other forms of credit are not available. Payday Loans:



£2,500 Instalment Loans To Your Door – Spread The Cost

Same benefits as a payday loan but instead of paying back a single sum within a month the total cost of the loan can be divided up into regular, monthly repayments – often up to a year. Because of this the maximum amount that you are able to borrow will often be higher than that of a payday loan.

Most lenders currently advertise instalment loans to about £2,500 max. Again, a bad credit history will be considered. Instalment Loans:



£15,000 Unsecured Loans To Your Door – Any Purpose

An unsecured loan is a personal loan which is a loan that is provided to you and does not require any security or guarantee. This means that you don’t have to be a home owner to apply – Local Authority tenant, private tenant, living with friends or family or homeowners … all will be considered.

Usually these loans are available up to £15,000 or so (depending on situation) and can be spread over a 5 or 6 year term. Better still, if you suffer from previous credit problems – arrears, defaults, CCJs, previous applications declined, bad credit etc – there are lenders out there who will still consider your application.

Any purpose unsecured, personal loans for tenants and homeowners, good or bad credit – one application does all. Unsecured Loans:



£25,000 Broker Loans To Your Door – Find The Best Deal

A loans broker will take your single application and get to work on your behalf by searching through a number of lenders (sometimes several hundred) to find a lender who will accept your application and provide the best deal for you. Often these brokers are able to accept applications from those with a bad credit as they will deal with lenders specializing in this market. Broker Loans:



Here at Loans To your Door we are not financial lenders, broker or advisers – our aim is simply to provide a little basic information about some of the more popular types of loans that may help you in your research and understanding of the different options that may be available.

We hope we have been able to help a little and thanks for your visit.

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