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These days the UK personal finance market seems to get more and more complicated as different loans get wrapped up in fancy names and packaging to make them appear new and different. Add to that the current difficult economic times we live in in the UK and for anyone looking into taking out a loan be be forgiven for not knowing if it’s possible or where to start.

It’s important to understand that we are not lenders, brokers and nor do we seek to advise – we have just one simple aim and that’s to explain, in simple terms, some of the basic options and loans to help you understand what loans are available and how they work so that you can focus your research in a certain direction. We may also be able to link you with companies who may be able to help you further.

We don’t collect any information about our visitors and we don’t ask for any contact details and so you can browse in the knowledge that we not out to put you on mailing lists or bombard you with emails so relax, enjoy and we hope we are able to help just a little.

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