Door To Door Loans

Old Fashioned Loans Making A Big Comeback

doorstep loans - door to door loansIn these days of online this, online that, automated telephone services, emails and electronic communication it’s refreshing to know that finance with a personal touch DOES still exist in the form of good old fashioned doorstep or door to door loans – personal finance that’s making a big comeback.

Cash loans with a human touch is how doorstep loans are often described. OK, these days it does incorporate a little modern technology in so far as initial application can be made online but then the rest of the transaction is face to face with a real person in the comfort of your own home. The loan is even handed to you in cash if that’s what you want. More Info.

A door to door loan, doorstep loan, or home collected loan as it’s also known, is basically a small cash loan, often up to a maximum of around £500 or so, that is delivered in cash to your door and the repayments are collected on a regular basis directly from your home, in person, by your own designated friendly local agent.

These loans are incredibly flexible as, unlike many other forms of lending, a decision of whether to lend is not usually based on a standard credit check but on your personal situation and your ability to comfortably make the repayments going forward. The lender will look to the future rather than dwell on anything that may have happened in the past.


Because of this the door to door loan can be a great option for everyone – even those with a bad credit history, CCJs, working part-time, retired even on benefits. Better still, the loan can be used for anything you need it for – that long overdue holiday, the cost of Christmas, home improvements, driving lessons – the choice is endless.

With this type of home collected loan YOU are in control – the amount you borrow is down to you and the repayment terms can also be tailored to suit you. They can be set over a few weeks or up to a maximum of a year or so making the repayment both small and manageable.

Whilst there are many other forms of lending available there are very few that offer the flexibility and convenience of doorstep loans – any purpose cash loans that are delivered to your door and repayments collected in the same way over a term to suit you.

In the UK anyone lending money should have a consumer credit licence from the OFT. Licensed lenders have to comply with legal obligations in dealing with customers, including the use of proper paperwork and fair collection methods so always choose your doorstep lender carefully and ensure they comply to these legal requirements.

Doorstep, door to door loans – personal finance doesn’t come any more straightforward than this.

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