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Doorstep Loans Lenders – Providing Access To Cash Loans UK

Doorstep Loans LendersDoorstep loans lenders provide access to plain, simple, convenient and speedy cash loans UK wide of up to £1,000 or so. Unlike some other loans they’re not instant or in your bank account immediately but they do only take a few days.

Doorstep loans are available throughout the UK and, as the name implies, you don’t have to leave your home. Instead, the specialist lender will come to you, sit down face to face to discuss the ins and outs of the loan and agree the repayment plan that suits you.

It all starts with the initial application which is usually online but can be over the phone – there’s nothing complicated about the application at all, it’s a very easy form that asks just enough questions to enable the doorstep loans lender to be able to make an in principle decision as to whether they can lend or not.

The eligibility criteria is incredibly open meaning that a doorstep loan may well be available to those who have a poor credit rating, who do not work full time, home owners or tenants, low wages, on benefits, those who may be retired or not have a bank account. They are even available to those with CCJs, defaults and other previous credit problems. general rule is that if you can comfortably afford the repayments moving forwards then the application will be considered … regardless of anything that may have gone wrong in the past.

After the initial application comes the contact with the local agent of the doorstep loans lender who will make arrangements to visit the applicant to discuss all aspects of the application, the loan, the terms and the repayments to make sure all is understood and agreed.


Of course you need only borrow the amount you need up to the maximum loan available and the repayments can also be structured to fit in too. Usually 52 weekly repayments (1 year) is the maximum term.

Interest rates are usually quite high as you’d expect with such an accessible loan. However, because repayments are split into weekly cash amounts and spread out over a period of time, the regular repayments are small and affordable.

Once agreed this same local agent will then deliver the cash loans to your door and then starts the personal service associated with doorstep loans whereby the agent will call round each week, on a day and at a time convenient, to collect the repayments in cash. This personal service continues over the full term of the loan until the plan is complete.

There’s no restrictions as to what the loan can be used for at all, the lender may not even ask. A holiday, cash flow, help towards Christmas, car repairs, that new washing machine, home improvements … whatever the money is needed for is OK.

Doorstep loans have long been associated with loan sharks but these days they are closely regulated – sure, loan sharks do still operate but follow the rules and you’ll be safe:

Look for responsible lenders who are certified members of the UK’s Consumer Credit Association. These doorstep loans lenders are duty bound to adhere to the Code of Practice and Policies, which you can view in PDF format on the CCA website at

The Consumer Credit Association was formed in 1978 to monitor and maintain standards in the UK home credit marketplace and to ensure the highest possible standards and quality of service, ethics and responsibility of all member companies. Read More >>>

You should also compare the price of home collected and other cash loans available in your area at This enables you to very easily make sure you are getting a competitive deal.

No stress, no hassle, simple, convenient, open eligibility criteria, affordable … just some of the words associated with doorstep loans and just some of the reasons they are so very popular in the UK today. They’re not going to offer the right solution for everybody but could be worth looking into to see if they may be right for you.

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