Doorstep Loans With Bad Credit

doorstep loans with bad creditBad Credit Loans To Your Door

If a bad credit history, rating or score is putting you off applying or preventing you from being accepted for the loan you need then a doorstep loan with bad credit is one option you can consider.

A bad credit rating takes on many different levels and forms – it could be as a result of a few late payments on any form of credit agreement such as a previous loan, credit card, store card, mortgage, monthly mobile phone direct debit etc. It could be as a result of defaults or arrears or there may one or more County Court Judgements (CCJs) registered against you. It may also be as a result of debt and subsequent IVA, debt management plan or, at worst, bankruptcy logged against your name.

Every time an application is made for any form of credit the potential lender will perform a credit check. This credit check will be through one of the three main UK credit reference agencies:




These companies are licensed by the Office Of Fair Trading and are therefore able to operate under the terms of the Consumer Credit Act. They are eligible to hold any credit information data relating to you and to create a credit file which they will then make available to organisations who are assessing a credit application or managing their accounts.

If you feel that your bad credit rating is not justified then you are able to access your file – simply check out the websites above directly to find out how.

Any bad credit history is there, on file and available to any company you apply to so there’s no getting away from it. What’s more, if you apply for a loan and are rejected a footprint will be left on your file to say there was an application that was rejected which will compound the problem and make it even harder to borrow.


Don’t feel isolated though, you’re not alone believe you me! It’s a problem that effects many individuals, often through no fault of their own – the loss of a job, time off work through illness for example can really have a bad effect on life and finances. We’re just coming out of the back of one of the worst recessions in history and some pretty torrid economic times which has resulted in credit problems increasing significantly. That’s why there are now a growing number of companies out there in the UK today that actually specialise in providing loans for bad credit and lenders out there ready and willing to lend to the growing number of individuals with a less than perfect credit rating.

Most doorstep lenders accept, even encourage, applications from those with a bad credit rating and have structured the loans to enable them to reduce the risk of default. They do this in the following ways:

Keep the maximum loan to a relatively small amount – often £500 or up to £1,000

– Spread the cost into small manageable weekly repayments – over a maximum of 52 weeks

– Employ local agents to collect the repayments from the doorstep in cash at a set time each week

– Use the agents to manage the account and relationship

– Price the loans at a rate to justify the relaxed lending criteria and increased risks

Doorstep loans with bad credit are not going to be right or be available for everyone but if you can honestly afford the repayments moving forward then you’re likely to be considered, regardless of what may have gone wrong in the past.

Whilst all reputable doorstep loans lenders are responsible lenders and fully licensed most will lend where others won’t and will use the personal door to door service to treat everyone as individuals and to tailor a loan to suit each individual circumstance. As a result they are able to lend to:

– Those with poor credit, bad credit and CCJs

– Those who have had loan applications declined in the past

– Those in rented accommodation of living with family

– Those who are unemployed, retired, working part time or students

– Those who don’t have a bank account

Doorstep loans with bad credit are small cash loans that are delivered right to your doorstep and repayments collected, often in cash, in person by a local agent. Also known as door to door loans or home collected credit a doorstep loan is lending the way it used to be – in cash, in person and in the comfort of your own home.

Typically you’ll be able to borrow up to around £500 or £1,000 depending on the lender and repayments can be made in small, manageable, weekly instalments over a maximum period of around 12 months. The cash can be used for any purpose at all, you can apply for any amount up to the maximum loan and repayment terms can be agreed to suit the borrower.

A doorstep loans enables you to deal with a real person and in the comfort of your own home, borrow the money you need in cash and split the repayments down into small, easy to manage weekly instalments that are collected from your doorstep and can be spread out over a term to suit you.

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