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High Standards In Home Credit

Loans To Your Door - Home CreditDoorstep loans are small cash loans that are delivered direct to the customers door and the repayments are then collected in the same way. These loans are also known as door to door loans or home collected credit and fall under the general title of home credit.

The home credit industry has been subject to a mix of good and bad press over recent years and, as such, now have their own specific trade association to promote high standards of business and customer relations and to improve the perception of doorstep lending.

Home credit is different to more traditional lending via banks and high street institutions. It provides access to small cash loans that are affordable, simple, clear, flexible and low risk. It particularly appeals to those on lower income or subject to previous credit problems in as much as the lending eligibility criteria is subject to less restriction.


The Consumer Credit Association

The Consumer Credit Association was formed in 1978 to monitor and maintain standards in the UK home credit marketplace. The main function of the organisation is to ensure the highest possible standards and quality of service, ethics and responsibility of all member companies. It should build customer confidence in the selection of a doorstep loans provider.

Most major home credit companies are now members of the CCA, the majority of which are very well established companies, many being household names having been around for years. Whilst often they will be national organisations all will also have the full understanding of the local area and issues relating to the localised community needed to provide the personal service required.

Whilst home credit is associated with a personal service and, in particular, the weekly collection of repayments, CCA members will also provide alternative payment options in order to provide consumer choice.

Another benefit of dealing with a CCA member company is that they are there to assist if the customer gets into difficulty, needs to reschedule payments or simply to help plan and manage their money.

The home credit market in the UK is a growth area – to the extent that the CCA now has around 500 members, all of whom have been assessed to ensure compliance to standards, the constitution and the code of practice.

So, for anyone considering home credit or doorstep loans the Consumer Credit Association may well be a good starting point – you can visit the website here: http://www.ccauk.org/

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