Instalment Loans

Instalment Loans To Your Door

Instalment Loans To Your Door

Instalment Loans To Your Door – Cash Loans To Your Door, Doorstep Loans & Personal Loans – Finding The Right Solution For YOU

Spread the cost of a fast cash loan into manageable instalments over a convenient repayment term.

Instalment Loans – Explained.

Small unsecured, personal loans that can be completed very quickly but, unlike a payday loan do not need to be repaid in full in a single repayment, instead the cost of the loan is divided into smaller, manageable instalments which can be spread over an agreed term – from a few months and often up to a maximum of a year to suit your circumstances.

Spreading the cost of repayments may make the loan more affordable but keep an eye on interest rates as they can be quite high – to a level that represents the increased risk to the lender.

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Instalment Loans To Your Door – How Much Can I Borrow.

These are small to medium size loans which enable you to borrow from a few hundred pounds and up to a maximum of £2,000 to £3,000 over a term to suit up to a maximum of 12 months or so.

Instalment Loans – What Can I Use The Money For.

These are personal, unsecured loans that are available for any reason at all although the maximum loan of only a couple of thousand pounds or so is in itself somewhat restrictive.

Examples Of Instalment Loans.

Instalment loans are evolving from the payday loan and a growing number of companies are now offering this kind of service.

Whereas a payday loan is a fast but short term solution designed to be paid off by a single payment in full after just a few weeks. Unless the reason for taking on a payday loan is genuinely short term, this all too often leave the borrower short again the following month and in need of another such loan.

Enter the instalment loan … the same fast service (not quite as instant though) but repayments can be spread over several months and thus avoiding the payday loans “trap”.


Watch out though – increased flexibility and term equals increased risk and so interest rates could be higher … sometimes significantly higher.

Instalment Loans To Your Door – Who Can Apply.

You’ll need to be over 18, a UK resident, in employment and have a UK bank account. A good credit history may not be absolutely necessary as many lenders will accept a sub-prime rating.

Instalment Loans To Your Door – The Cost.

Keep an eye on the quote which will be presented in advance, as interest rate will often be quite high, especially if your situation or credit rating is not perfect. This understandably reflects the increased risk to the lender. Make sure the interest rate is acceptable and the instalments are affordable. Many loans will allow you to pay off early and save money on the overall cost so check the small print.

Instalment Loans – How To Repay.

More of a “traditional” loan and as such the repayment schedule is divided up into regular, often fixed, instalments and spread over a term to suit subject to a maximum of around a year or so. The repayments are usually collected straight from a UK bank account by direct debt.

Instalment Loans – How To Apply.

These loans are pretty fast and so initial application is usually made via an online form – just the basic information at this stage and enough for the lender to provide an almost instant decision. Often the paperwork can even be filled in a signed online too after which the loan will be transferred and so you can see that these instalment loans to your door can be a pretty fast solution.

Instalment Loans To Your Door – Alternatives.

Consider an instant loan or a payday loan if your requirements are just short term, doorstep loans are a form of instalment loan but maximum loan is smaller whilst an unsecured loan or personal loan provides greater flexibility of size and term.

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